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The Good Bowel Habit Third Edition
Dr Robyn Nagel and
Mrs Shirley Owen
This 50 page book describes the normal pelvic floor, pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic floor rehabilitation in detail.
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Long Term Results

Critics have suggested that the balloon may fail to be effective when it is removed and that there may be no long term benefit from this therapy. In fact we know from previous studies that dietary/exercise intervention often results in no long term overall weight loss and sometimes even gain at 1-2 years post intervention. Studies of patients studied up to 5 years after the balloon has been removed are encouraging. Of the people who initially lost >10% of body weight whilst the balloon was still in situ almost a quarter of the group had maintained at least 10% body weight loss out to 5 years after balloon removal.


1 year after balloon removal

2 years after
removal of balloon

5 years after
removal of balloon

Number of  patients treated with IGB achieving >10% weight loss




The data showed that patients who maintained a fibre-enriched, modified diet and regular exercise regimen were more likely to have long term success with the balloon.