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The Good Bowel Habit Third Edition
Dr Robyn Nagel and
Mrs Shirley Owen
This 50 page book describes the normal pelvic floor, pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic floor rehabilitation in detail.
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The Orbera Intragastric Balloon

The Orbera Gastric Balloon in conjuction with lifestyle measures can be a useful device to allow weight loss.
The balloon is useful for people with a BMI in the range of 29-35.
This silastic balloon is placed in the top of the stomach under sedation and filled with 600-700mls of saline (dyed with blue).

The balloon remains in place for 6-9 months and then the aging balloon must be removed. The removal is often performed under general anaesthetic.

The balloon works at a local and a central level. Locally the balloon fills the gastric lumen, causing a sense of fullness and slows gastric emptying which in itself reduces sense of hunger.

The balloon also distends the gastric wall receptors and stimulates the brain centrally in the tractus solitarius and paraventricular nucleus which has also been shown to reduce appetite.

How effective is the balloon in the short term? Overall the balloon is more than twice as effective as diet and drugs over the period of time that the balloon is in situ.

It is not as effective as gastric banding or other weight loss surgery.



Wt loss drugs

IG Balloon

Bariatric Surgery

% Average weight loss compared to initial body weight at
6 months









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